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Indulge your animal instincts guilt-free!

Faux Fur

Welcome to Premium Furs! faux fur is as warm as real fur, it's as beautiful as genuine fur, and it's as soft and luxurious as fur can be. You can indulge in it without any guilt, as it's 100% man made. 

Faux Fur Tails
Grap a tail!

The fake fur coat on all of our fabrics include many characteristics similar to natural fur, for instance, guard hairs, these hairs enhance the look and feel and provide realism to our fur products. Our decorative textiles, like our Mink can be used for throws, bedcovers, wall covers, fashion and so much more.

The ornamental nature of our fur cloth provides you with a creative palette to design attractive pillow and furniture accessories for your home decor

We provide you with a one-stop source for a large range of Tissavel and Tyber faux furs. Tissavel and Tyber has been issued a "declaration of conformity" by Oeko-Tex for their Standard 100, "Confidence in Textiles".
CIT Label

Choose any faux fur for your throw

Buy yourself a beautiful faux fur throw or pillows online.

Make your own throw using the finest faux fur available

All our Tissavel and Tyber fabrics and products carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We make all our sewn products in New York State.

The finest faux fur throws

Fashion industry leaders, designers and discerning clients like you desire the best and Tissavel is the name most sought after for all quality faux fur products.

Premium Furs is pleased to offer the largest collection of Tissavel faux fur available for retail anywhere.

Beautiful White Fox Faux Fur Throw
A throw for every room.

Fabrics for your Projects

Premium Furs also offers all our Tissavel and Tyber by the yard for the do-it-yourself. 

Go to our information section to find projects.

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