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Leena was introduced to the Tissavel line of woven faux fur during a trip to Sweden. These Tissavel faux fur fabrics were being imported from the factory located in France for use in the local home decor industry.

Tissavel products were developed for the clothing industries high-end fashion houses. Throws, pillows and upholstery goods made with this faux fur, really lit up the rooms they were placed in.

Up to this point all the fake fur Leena had seen in the market place were dull lifeless imitations of animal fur. These lifeless knitted fake furs are massed produced using low-grade acrylic fibers with little care given to the polishing and ultimate finish. The knitted backing isn't very stable and the fibers tend to shed easily.

Leena set up shop after importing a few crates of wonderful woven Tissavel faux fur and began making throws that she sold locally to family and friends. She later created a web site named FABFURS and began introducing the quality Tissavel product nationally and shortly thereafter globally as an enormous demand for this quality product blossemed.

Fabfurs Inc was incorporated in the summer of 2003 and moved into its current stone building in Malone, New York. Fabfurs needed a lot of room to warehouse the faux fur and production areas to grow with demand.

Most of the Tissavel faux furs are shipped to us stored on steel crates to protect each subsequent layer from being crushed by the weight of the next layer.

Faux fur hung on a steel crate

This attention to detail that Tissavel places on the quality of its products has been the impetus to our "Just-In-Time" (JIT) production of products. JIT allows us to deliver a pristine product to every single client, everyone can order any size throw and/or combination of fur on our Deluxe Regal (our double sided) throw and will receive a product fresh off the crate and sewn with superb care.

Our sample service is second to none, as we would rather send samples before accepting any order for faux fur and products that might not match your needs. This is a key requirement to our JIT production, as returns are not considered pristine.

In July 2004 we changed our incorporation name to Premium Furs Inc and our web site to PREFURS to differentiate us further from the competition selling low-end faux furs.

We have continued to increase the number of styles and colors in our inventory, we have become the largest stocking reseller of the famed Tissavel faux fur product line.

We are striving to be world renowned for our customer service; we take pride in our workmanship and make every effort to bring extra value to every purchase you make with us.

Faux fur cutting room

Warehouse of faux fur



Faux fur requires lots of storage 



Steel crate of faux fur hold about 14 yards of fabric




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