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Cleaning tip

Many clients ask if they can wash their faux fur instead of dry cleaning which is the manufacturers recommended form of cleaning. More than a few clients tell us that they have found dry cleaners that are very reasonable priced, charging about $15.00 to clean a 54in. x 78in. throw. So call around first before attempting to clean your throw in a washing machine. Here's how you can do it if you really need to DIY

Premium Furs Inc. Disclaimer: Use the following procedure at your own risk.

(Longhaired furs such, as shaggys are prone to knotting and matting)

With that said, here's how we clean our own Tissavel faux fur fabrics. And always bear in mind that agitation and heat are your worst enemies.

  1. Use only a top load washing machine.
  2. Set the washing machine level to medium.
  3. Set the water temperature to lukewarm or cold.
  4. Allow machine to fill to medium mark with water without the fur throw.
  5. Add the color-safe detergent (Use the detergent manufactures suggestions for testing color fastness)
  6. Turn off washing machine if it agitates while the lid is up.
  7. Place the faux fur throw into the machine with the most soiled side up near the surface of the water.
  8. Soak for under 15 minutes (no longer, as the backing has been treated with a water soluble resin).
  9. Verify that the soiled area is dissolved and gently work the area with your hand to improve the results.
  10. Set the washing machine to drain & spin, turn-on and close the lid. Listen carefully and stay near the machine. If it begins to agitate adjust the machine so that it skips this first part of the cycle and starts to drain.
  11. Use the rinse cycle with the water level set to high or large load. Again no agitation
  12. Drain, spin and rinse at least two more times.
  13. Spin one more time if the fur item feels overly waterlogged.

Another word of caution, a Deluxe Regal Throw or a large faux fur throw will nearly double its weight with moisture so be careful when trying to manhandle it out of the machine.

Place over a strong clothesline or shower rod (preferred) to dry. A double-sided faux fur item is easier to ruin at this point. The weight of it will crush the fur pile where it comes in contact with the line or shower rod. Move often and stroke the crushed area with your hand to restore the pile. The time to dry depends on how well you were able to spin the water out of the material and humidity index outdoors. All in all about 24 to 48 hours.

We find that it helps to groom the fur pile with your hands periodically while it dries.

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