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To make your faux fur headband you will need a piece of faux fur that measures 6" x 28" and a 2" piece of "hook and loop" tape or you can buy our headband kit.

Head Band

Follow these steps:

  1. Rough fit
    Fold the fur in half and wrap it around your head and mark at the point where the end meet, add a seam allowance of 1/2 inch total or 1/4 inch for each end. Cut and save scrap for adjusting sewing machine tension and seam test.
  2. Fold and Pin
    Fold the fur lengthwise fur (pile) side together. Using the natural lines of the backing (repeating parallel lines 3" apart) pin or tack sew the edges together matching the lines every few inches.
  3. Sew long edge
    Sew the long edge together. If using a sewing machine try a small zigzag stitch with the zig landing on the fabric and the zag landing just of the edge.
  4. Sew one end
    With the fur still facing inward, center the seam down the middle of the headband and sew one end closed.
  5. Turn headband right side-out
    Push the closed end inward with your finger and gently work the headband right side out. Use a long wooden or plastic soup ladle with a rounded end to help work the fur right side out.
  6. Check the fit again
    Check the size again and make sure the edges reach but don't overlap more than the last seam allowance needed for closing the final end.
  7. Sew on the Loop of the "Hook and Loop Fastener"
    Place the Loop or soft part of the fastener flat over the seam at the closed end of the headband about 1 inch from the end. Sew on using either a straight or zigzag stitch. On the good side of the headband you will free the fur that is caught by the stitch using a large needle, the thread will disappear within the fur pile.
  8. Sew on the Hook of the "Hook and Loop Fastener"
    Insert the Hook or hard part of the fastener into the open end, 3/4 to 1 inch in with the hooks facing towards the good side of the headband. Roll in the edge of the fur and sew across the end capturing the Hook fastener and fur edge. Free the fur that is caught by the stitch using a large needle, the thread will disappear within the fur pile.
  9. Congratulate yourself
    Your headband is done and is ready to be worn.

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